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Goodbye, Cagoule World

by Benjamin Shaw

No One 05:20
No one could love you like I do. Because you never leave the flat.
All these happy people in their happy house, I'm too drunk to remember how to help you out. We've been having salads when we could've had a car, A mouthful of cahones will only get you so far. All these saggy features on a saggy face, I'm open to suggestions to spruce up the place. We've been wearing khaki when we could be wearing green, Always with the drama and always with the fucking dreams.
One emotion is more than I need, But it comes with quotas, and time is running out, So come burn some bridges with me! I'm drowning, but not really. More like in a song, Where heads are big and quesy, and I am never wrong, So come burn some bridges with me! You. You got feelings. Some I've never even heard of.
(Slasher flick)
Is it better to wait for the breathing, or is it better to pound on the chest? Is it clever to claw at the curtains, or just shut up and hope for the best? If half of the people got took by the tide, fellows would weep and mothers would cry, and the shame we were shilling would take a break and the holes we were digging would wash away. Is it better to wait for the dickhead to decide if you're equal to him? And sit in the dark in the bathroom, or just hammer his face on the sink. If half of the people got caught in the fire, radios scream and fuckers expire and the shame we've been shilling will take a break and the holes we've been digging will wash away.
You & Me 03:55
Blame your sad face on the city, Blame your sad face on the sea, Blame the hours and the travel, But leave a spot upon the blacklist for you and me. Save a moment for a sit down, Save a second for a sleep, Save a decade for a new leaf and a hostile reception for you and me. Oh. Oh no, I'm fed up on a Tuesday. Oh. Oh no, I think we missed the boat. So here's a line about the system, and here's a line that's quite funny and here's a pop-culture reference and a lazy refrain like 'you and me'.
I haven't the minutes and I haven't the hours and I haven't the pollen to say it with flowers. I haven't the cards to make better words and I haven't the seed to feed all the birds I haven't the lungs and you haven't the nose and I haven't the skill to put into prose But I'm not the problem, frankly I'm tired No, I'm not the problem, I'm perfectly fine.


The new album from Benjamin Shaw. Back in black. All the fuzz and dissonance that your mother warned you beauty, woe and good humour.



"'Goodbye, Cagoule World' is a messy, miserable comedown that may just provide the most beautiful moments you share with music all year." - THE MUSIC FIX

"Shaw may be pop's outsider - something many outlets noted upon his entry into the world of music (Clash even called him a freak, though they meant well) - but with this release, he shows a faint desire to join the central fold. Perhaps it's due to resolute defeat, but still, that counts, right?" - THE 405

"...a definite contender for album of the year." - CRACKLE FEEDBACK

"Benjamin Shaw doesn’t so much wear his heart on his sleeve as beam it into the sky like a sort of troubadour superhero...It’s a rich and honest album, and one well worth exploring." - ECHOES & DUST

"Several things are certain in life - death, taxes and that Benjamin Shaw is a total mess." - YOUNG GOLD TEETH

"With a voice that sounds like it was scraped from the bottom of a well at the bottom of the world, Benjamin Shaw is an unlikely candidate for making purely beautiful music. And yet the langorous, delicate "Goodbye, Kagoul World" is just that." - KDHX

"Embrace this record, ‘cos it’s a true crafted thing of beauty, and no ball of sentimental aerie fluff.." - GOLDFLAKEPAINT

"The arrangements on this record are nothing short of masterful..What Benjamin Shaw has done here, is create something that demands a few hours of your time, something unique." - 7BITARCADE

"Those who hang around long enough will be rewarded by a record of subtle beauty, endearing disorder and genuine human sentiment." - SHOUT4MUSIC

"Shaw's distinctly smart and singular voice -- whipsmart and deeply affecting, and we're using "voice" in the figurative sense here -- puts him in the rarified company of non-hitmakers of the day including Krill's Jonah Furman or Los Campesinos!' Gareth Paisey." - CLICKY CLICKY MUSIC BLOG

"Shaw’s managed to carve out his own fascinating musical niche over the last few years by not pulling his punches, and this unflinching honesty is endearing...if you can bear it, Shaw’s music is often richly rewarding, and his latest album is no exception." - THE DIRT & THE ROOTS

"I have no choice but to hope that Benjamin Shaw remains undiscovered, a rare and precious treat that me and a few other miserable fuckers can pass around to each other as proof of our heightened but unappreciated sensitivity." - RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SITTING NOW

"It is rare that a singer-songwriter shows this level of self-awareness, and this “singer-songwriter” (if you wanna be so bourgeois as to call him that) is fussing with the parameters of the pop song and re-examining the rules of what it is to be a singer-songwriter." - OLD SCHOOL RECORD REVIEW

"Shaw intricately draws vivid pictures of emotional scars and escapism with nothing more than subtle weighted vocal tones and sepia tinged, cracked lo-fi instrumentation." - GOD IS IN THE TV

"Throughout the all-too-short running time of the album, you get the feeling this is exactly the kind of pop music troubadour that John Peel would be fully behind – deliciously dark, compellingly creative and wonderfully weird." - SPECTRAL NIGHTS

"He'll hate to hear it, but Benjamin Shaw is pretty darn good." - SCENE POINT BLANK


released April 21, 2014


Pedal Steel by Jack Hayter - (Track 5)

Trumpet & Piano by Lieven Scheerlinck (A Singer of Songs) - (Track 7)

Noise by Broken Shoulder - (Track 4)

Beats by Henry/Uncle Rico - (Track 4)


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Benjamin Shaw Melbourne, Australia

Canada's favourite son. Saddest of the chumps. "Megadead" out now on Audio Antihero & Kirigirisu Recordings

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