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Terrible Feelings! - Single

by Benjamin Shaw

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Lead single from Benjamin Shaw's "Megadead" album, released on Audio Antihero (Cassette) and Kirigirisu Recordings (CD) -

Backed by an exclusive non-album b-side.

"Your nails dig into the back of your head and you tug at your hair, wondering how hard you could pull before you finally rip it out of your skull. That’s what it feels like to listen to Benjamin Shaw’s new single...There is something so intensely private about his work, like he is somehow reaching through your headphones and speaking to a part of you which you didn’t know existed. It’s quite rare that a song can make you feel everything at once." - Atwood Magazine Premiere (

Previous Press:

"A piece of work that could stand the test of time...The solitude is palpable." - Gold Flake Paint

"It’s a reminder that some of the most powerful emotions can bloom from the simplest of raw moments, and Shaw is an expert at crafting just those instances." - Drowned in Sound

"You wouldn't want everyone (or anyone else) to sound to like Benjamin Shaw but I'm delighted someone does." - The Line Of Best Fit

"Benjamin Shaw is an outcast, a loner, a maverick and a freak. All of these are compliments." - CLASH Music

"An album that is quite unlike anything else, full of blackened charisma and a sonic imagination quite different to most." - The Music Fix

"Shaw may be pop's outsider - something many outlets noted upon his entry into the world of music - but with this release, he shows a faint desire to join the central fold. Perhaps it's due to resolute defeat, but still, that counts, right?" - The 405


released August 17, 2018


all rights reserved



Benjamin Shaw Melbourne, Australia

Canada's favourite son. Saddest of the chumps. "Megadead" out now on Audio Antihero & Kirigirisu Recordings


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Track Name: Terrible Feelings!
Hey apocalypse,
it's nice to know you still be trying
To lift me by the hips
And make believe like I be flying away,
you're all terrible people, with terrible clothes,
go away but I don't care, I got no dog in the race

So do me a solid, do me again and again
terrible feelings but I got nothing to say

Aw hey its you, I don't forget a face
Naw I'll do it, it's a piece of cake
ah've nothing to hide, I just wanna go home today
oh it'll blow over, everyone makes mistakes
Track Name: Nothing to See Here
I'm not feeling too good
I got half a mind to sleep forever
I been saving up a rabbit foot
For shitty weather

Put all our friends in a home
send them to live on a farm
Nobody move, there's nothing to see here

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